Consumer loan - Loans without collateral in property

Sometimes you may need short-term financing. Consuming unsecured loans is usually a less expensive alternative to credit cards. We check with several banks to see where you are getting good terms, by comparing offers from several banks. Then you don’t have to apply for a loan at many places, and tell the same story time and time again.


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Alle våre tjenester er gratis for deg som kunde, fordi vi honoreres av bankene vi samarbeider med. Tilbudet eller tilbudene vi presenterer for deg, er uforpliktende.


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Personlig oppfølging er nøkkelordet hos oss. Du får en fast rådgiver som ser hele ditt økonomiske bilde, slik at vi kan gi deg råd om endringer du bør vurdere for å oppnå lavest mulig kostnad på dine lån.


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Siden 1993 har vi hjulpet titusenvis av kunder med å finne riktig bank og låneprodukt, og ingen tilsvarende bedrift i Norge har vårt utvalg av samarbeidspartnere innen finansiering.

Apply for a consumer loan

    What is required to get a consumer loan?

    A minimum income of at least 250,000 is required and a minimum age of 23 years. In addition, you must have a registered address in Norway, and have taxed in Norway for a minimum of 3 years. You also cannot have registered payment notes or debt collection. For refinancing, the maturity should be equal to or shorter than the current one, up to 15 years. The maximum term for new loans is 5 years.

    It is smart to choose the loan that offers you the lowest effective interest rate. This includes termination fees, any installment fees and setup fees. The effective interest rate will be lower the longer you extend the loan over time, but the overall interest cost will be greater than if you pay off your loan quickly.

    Aneta Musial og Sylwia Madra, Eiendomsfinans Polski

    Consumer loan calculator


    Ønsket lånebeløp


    kr 8 570,86

    Nom. rente (%) ?

    Effektiv rente: 2.10%

    Etableringsgebyr: kr 1500

    Termingebyr: kr 45

    Månedlig beløp:

    kr 8 570,86

    Totalpris over 25 år:

    kr 2 572 756,58

    Refinancing without collateral

    You get a lower interest rate on the loan if you have real estate collateral, but it can be smart anyway to collect expensive small loans and credit card debt in an unsecured refinancing loan. Often, one of these reasons is why you cannot get a refinance loan with security:

    • You do not own a real estate, so a consumer loan is the only option.
    • You own real estate, but your total debt amounts is more than 80-85% of the value of the property / home. If your total loans (eg car loans, credit cards and student loans) are above 80-85% of the property’s market value, it will be difficult to get a loan with collateral.


    Do You Need Money for Home Improvement? The extra loan is a credit from 250,000 to 600,000 without any property collateral (pantobligasjon) being established. This requires that you own your own home, even if “pant” is not established. This is a time-saving alternative as documents do not have to be registered at Tinglysningen.

    Gather/collect expensive small loans

    There might be thousands to save on collecting different credits in one consumer loan. The interest rate is lower, you save fees and you get one loan to deal with and thus a more transparent economy. You can collect loans up to 500,000. Read more here.

    If you have a payment note / debt collection case but can offer real estate security, you should apply here.

    Price example:

    New consumer loan:
    NOK 95,000 over 5 years, effective interest rate 10.52%, cost: NOK 26,246, Total: NOK 121,246.
    Max. effective interest rate 35.5%. Maximum repayment period is 5 years.

    190,000 over 5 years, effective interest 9.7%, cost: NOK 48,257, total: NOK 238,257.
    Max. effective interest rate 35.5%.
    Repayment period for refinancing: up to 15 years, depending on the repayment period of the loan to be refinanced.

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