Consolidation loan
- merge several credit commitments into one

To merge several expensive small loans or credit commitments into one new loan gives you more benefits than just savings. You get a neat overview of your bills, less expenses and better opportunities with the banks. A consolidation loan where you merge several expensive small loans can quickly give you a more spacious economy so that you can repay faster.


Lower interest rates

If you have several small loans or credit card debts today, there is no doubt about what you should do: You can save many thousands by merging expensive small loans. What you do is obtain information from the Debt Register, access your own information, where you get a total overview of which expensive small loans you have. Then you add up these different credits and apply for one consumer loan. We collect offers for you on refinancing. The interest rate is often lower, up to 10% lower than the interest rate on credit cards. In addition, you get fewer bills to deal with, and you can also save a good deal on all the term fees the small loans often have.


What is your borrowing ability?

When the bank is to assess a customer’s borrowing capacity for home purchases, it is the total income and expenses that count. A customer will get a higher mortgage if the costs of consumer loans and credit cards are reduced. In addition, it looks better on the tax return to have one consumer loan, than six different small loans and credit cards. This is based on the bank’s overall perception of you as a customer: Are you a person with a tidy economy, or someone who takes out loans anywhere possible? Therefore, it pays to merge expensive small loans into a consolidation loan.

It's that simple

  1. Send us the latest tax return and last pay slip
  2. Go to the debt register and get an overview of all debts. Take a screenshot of this and send it to us. Then we can calculate how much can be saved by merging expensive small loans.

You can apply for a total new amount of 500 000,- without security in property. You can apply for more if you can offer security in real estate. If you apply for more than you want to refinance, the excess amount will be paid directly to you.

Ask for a quote on a loan:


    Free service

    All our services are free for you as a customer, because we are remunerated by the banks we work with. The offer or offers we present to you are non-binding.


    Permanent advisor

    Personal follow-up is the key word with us. You get a permanent advisor who sees your entire financial picture, so that we can advise you on changes you should consider to achieve the lowest possible cost on your loans.


    Many years of experience

    Since 1993, we have helped tens of thousands of customers find the right bank and loan product, and no similar company in Norway has our selection of partners in financing.

    Lasse Kollerøs Olsen, Eiendomsfinans Oslo and Julianne Skovli Gåsvær, Eiendomsfinans Lillestrøm

    Example of refinancing and borrowing:

    A customer applies for a loan of 500,000, of which 400,000 will go to merge and refinance expensive small loans. The remaining 100,000 will be used for something else. This is then a combination of refinancing and new borrowing. The bank repays the various small loans you have today, and pays out the last 100,000 to your account.


    Example refinancing:

    Four different credit cards with a balance of 50,000 on each, with an effective average interest rate of 22.90% cost approx. 4306, – * every month for 10 years. By raising a loan of 200,000 with an average interest rate of nom. 14.15% / effective 15.52% * the same money will cost you approx. 3167, – per month for 10 years, or you can reduce the payback time by more than four years. In total over the term of the loans of 10 years, you will by refinancing save 136,636, -!

    * term fee 30, -, establishment fee 900, -.

    In the case of refinancing, the payback time shall be equal to or shorter than the one you have today, up to 15 years. The maximum term for new loans is 5 years.

    Add up all the debt you want to merge and calculate a new approx. months cost:


    Ønsket lånebeløp


    kr 8 570,86

    Nom. rente (%) ?

    Effektiv rente: 2.10%

    Etableringsgebyr: kr 1500

    Termingebyr: kr 45

    Månedlig beløp:

    kr 8 570,86

    Totalpris over 25 år:

    kr 2 572 756,58

    Loan exsemple:

    225 000, – over 9 years with effective interest of 14.17%, cost 162 347, – Total 387 347, -. Max. effective interest rate 35.5%.
    Repayment period for refinancing: up to 15 years, depending on the repayment period on loans to be refinanced.

    New consumer loan:
    Loan example: effective interest rate 16.7%, 65,000, o / 5 years, cost: 28,908, Total: 93,908. Max. effective interest rate 35.5%. Maximum repayment period is 5 years.

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