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We compare loan offers for you

Eiendomsfinans is applying for loans, comparing terms and insurance on behalf of the customer. For us, it is very important that both customer and bank are satisfied with each other, which results in good solutions for both parties. Our services are free for you as a customer!


Said Salimi and Lavrans Solli, Eiendomsfinans Oslo

Why Use a Mortgage Broker?

When comparing different loans by yourself, it is often required that you tell the same story over and over, as well as provide all the information about your financial situation every time. With us you only need to tell us this once and we take the job further towards the banks we think are the best for you. Of course, you have full opportunity to apply to banks we do not partner with ourselves, to compare.

Eiendomsfinans is Norway’s largest free-standing loan intermediary. We work with many banks and financial institutions, and we will always work hard to tailor the solution that best suits your loan needs.

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    A financial supermarket

    We are a financial supermarket that meets most of your financial needs. Our product range includes insurance, mortgages, home refinancing, consumer loans, Senior Loans, car loans, boat loans, car loan refinancing, debt collection assistance, collecting expensive small loans and deleting payment notes.

    Many years of experience

    Since 1993, we have helped tens of thousands of customers find the right bank and loan product, and we provide mortgage loans for around six billion annually.


    Heidi Hungnes - Eiendomsfinans Drammen, Julianne Skovli Gåsvær - Eiendomsfinans Romerike, Bjørn Bergene - Eiendomsfinans Oslo

    Free service

    It is cheaper for the banks that we find the right customers for them than to establish new branch offices themselves. Therefore, all our services are free of charge for you as a customer, as we are honored by the banks we work with. There is also no surcharge or hidden costs in using our services, and the offer you receive from us is without obligation.

    Our cooperating banks have their own teams that work with applications from us. The advantage to you is that you are more likely to get a faster response to your application than if you submit an application yourself. When we have received the necessary information and documentation from you, it usually takes 24-48 hours before you receive an offer or proof of financing from us. In urgent cases with bidding rounds it goes even faster. These will be prioritized, and we discuss the matter with the bank to find a solution as soon as possible.

    Personal follow-up

    It takes both time and energy to apply for and compare loans in different banks. Therefore, because customer service is important to us, you get a permanent financial advisor who sees your entire financial picture. We give you good advice on what changes you should consider to get the lowest possible cost on your loans and insurance.

    Large network of partners

    We strive to find the loan that works best for you, and no similar company in Norway has our range of financial partners. We do not work with all banks in Norway, but cooperate with a wide range of good banks that we believe cover most financial needs. We can help you with many financial products, maybe even products you didn’t realize existed?

    We represent

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    As a financial agent for BN Bank, Bank 2, yA Lånet – part of Resurs Bank, Ekspress Bank, LEABank, Sparebanken 68 degrees North, Svea Finans, Skue Sparebank, Sparebank 1 Finans, Sparebank 1 SMN, Balansebank, Kraft Bank, Romerike Sparebank, MyBank, Instabank, Nordax, Sandnes Sparebank and Bluestep Bank, we will prepare and submit applications for deposit agreements, loan agreements, surety agreements and / or card products for one or more of the mentioned banks. The application must contain complete and correct information about all relevant conditions for the product in question. The bank then makes an independent assessment of the application, based on information from the customer and the agent and other sources. We point out that we, as a financial agent, receive commissions from the banks (mentioned above) on the basis of agreements entered into on loans etc. conveyed through us. We do not have the opportunity to receive remuneration from other than the banks in question, cf. Section 88 of the Financial Contracts Act. We are required by law to ensure that the bank’s obligations to the customer are fulfilled within the assignment we have received from the bank in question.
    If the bank or we default on the obligations in relation to specific products, the customer can apply any default sanctions directly against the bank in question. If our possible default concerns other matters, such as investment advice given by us, complaints can only be directed to the bank if we are an affiliate of the bank in question pursuant to section 10 – 16 of the Securities Trading Act. We do not currently provide licensed investment services / products.

    Our owners

    Eiendomsfinans Drift AS is owned by Bank 2 ASA and some of the bank’s largest shareholders. Bank 2’s ownership does not affect the way we in Eiendomsfinans work. We will always try to find the solution that is best for our customers.